Andrew Finnie.

Andrew Finnie

One of the founding members of Newcastle's Seven Painters, Andrew Finnie was born in Sydney. He came to Newcastle in 1983 and has been actively painting images of that city ever since.

Presently he concentrates on acrylic paintings and producing digital work. To this end he has just finished a book entitled "The Story of Gretel and Franke". 

His digital work has been featured in several on line magazines and has been used in teaching at Canberra Institute of Technology.

He is represented in many private collections as well as the collection of The Lockup Cultural Centre and Newcastle Grammar School.

In 2011 he published a book of his paintings entitled "Andrew Finnie: Newcastle Painter".  It can be previewed here.

A selection of his illustrations can be found  here. Alternatively there is a quick video of his last twelve month's work is here.

Andrew Finnie 2011 Cv

Group Exhibitions

2011: "Happily Ever After": John Paynter Gallery and Artspace Mackay

2011:  "Noetic:" Newcastle Art Space

2010:  "Mate": Newcastle Art Space

2010: "Seven Painters":  John Paynter Gallery

2009:  "Menage a Trois" (with Sieglinde Battley and Robert Birch) John Paynter Gallery
2008:  "Welded" (with Tom Ireland and Patricia Williamsz) Newcastle Art Space
2008:   "Seven Painters": John Paynter Gallery 
2007:   "Seven Painters": John Paynter Gallery
2007:  "Ten Ant Art": Newcastle Art Space.
2007:  "Annual  Emerging Artist's Exhibition": Newcastle Art Space
2007:  "Foolscap Exhibition": John Miller Galleries
2006:  "Six Painters": John Paynter Gallery
2006:  "Nature Strip": John Paynter Gallery : curated by Peter Lankis
2006:  "Annual  Emerging Artist's Exhibition": Newcastle Art Space
2005:  "Eight Painters": John Paynter Gallery
2004:  "Bridges to Bridegrooms": John Paynter Gallery
2002:  "Newcastle Eclectic Painter's Collaborative": Intrados Gallery
2001:  "Annual  Emerging Artist's Exhibition": Newcastle Art Space
2000:  "Blink: And You'll Miss It". : Newcastle Tafe


2011: Andrew Finnie: Newcastle Artist

2011: The Story of Gretel and Franke:

2010: Feature Artist C3DE Magazine: Issue 5

2008: Feature Artist Dotan8 Magazine: July Edition

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